LIRR Plans to Relocate Yaphank Train Station 202

$20 million NYS Funding for project that will spur economic development and provide Brookhaven residents with more transportation opportunities

Farmingville, NY – Supervisor Ed Romaine and Councilman Dan Panico announced today that the MTA and Long Island Railroad have agreed to relocate the Yaphank train station to an undetermined site east of its current location. The train station is now severely underutilized due to its inconvenient location in West Yaphank and limited train schedule because the LIRR main line can only accommodate diesel powered trains east of Ronkonkoma. The absence of industry or retail along County Road 21 in Yaphank, which is near the current train station, is also a reason for low ridership. The next step in the plan is to conduct a feasibility study to identify and select the new site for the station. New York State has committed $20 million to fund the move.  Supervisor Romaine and Councilman Panico have lobbied the MTA and LIRR for many years to give the “go ahead” to the project. Pictured are Supervisor Romaine (center) and Councilman Panico (right) at the January 11 meeting with Town, LIRR and MTA officials to discuss the Yaphank train station move.


The Town has indicated that the Yaphank train station should be moved to a location adjacent to William Floyd Parkway, just south of the Long Island Expressway. Moving it to this location will make train travel more accessible to commuters and provide crucial support to the nearby Brookhaven National Lab (3000 employees), as well as the businesses in the area, including those in the Brookhaven Technology Center (2500 employees), and the sustainable mix-used development “The Meadows at Yaphank,” currently under construction. The station would also service Brookhaven Calabro Airport.


Supervisor Ed Romaine said, “I am pleased that the LIRR and MTA have taken these first steps to move the Yaphank train station east. As a long-time proponent of this plan, I look forward to working with them to select the most convenient and beneficial site for commuters and businesses in the Yaphank and Shirley communities. Future economic growth in the area is dependent on this move, and I will do everything I can to bring this to fruition sooner rather than later.”


Councilman Dan Panico said, “Years ago, I spoke to Supervisor Romaine about the need to relocate the terribly underutilized Yaphank train station to a new station in East Yaphank off of William Floyd Parkway, which would give our residents in this area better and easier access to the Ronkonkoma line. We then worked with our MTA board member Mitch Pally and Senator Ken LaValle to get this transportation project funded.  Today, we kicked off with the MTA/LIRR, and their engineering consultants, to review the timeline for this project and look forward to working with them to make this idea a reality for residents.”


Courtesy of Town of Brookhaven

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Local Groundhogs Predict Early Spring 2019! 48

Happy Groundhog Day!  Rather than our traditional weathermen, today we turn the forecasting over to two resident Long Island Groundhogs – Malverne Mel, and Holtsville Hal for their Winter 2019 predictions.  We are happy to report that for the first time since 2016, both Holtsville Hal and Malverne Mel did not see their shadows this morning!  According to groundhog lore, that should mean we will be having an early spring this year.

It seems to be a unanimous decision this year, as America’s most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, as well as several other local groundhogs all predicted an early end to the polar vortex temperatures.  I addition to Mel, Hal, and Phil, Staten Island Chuck, upstate New York’s Dunkirk Dave, and Connecticut’s Chuckles all did not see their shadow early this morning.

The only dissenting groundhog this year seems to be Milltown Mel out of New Jersey, who DID see his shadow, and is predicting six-more weeks of Winter.  We will try to reach out for further comment.  However it is worth noting that human meteorologist, News 12’s Bruce Avery, agrees with Mel, saying he expects at least six more weeks of winter.

Whoever’s predictions you decide to believe, the Spring equinox is six weeks away on March 20th.

Brookhaven Town, Patchogue Village Form Joint Partnership in Seeking Additional Sewer Funds 56

Mastic Patchogue Sewers

Brookhaven Supervisor Ed Romaine and Patchogue Village Mayor Paul Pontieri today
were joined by county, town and village officials to lobby for $26.4 million in available funds to extend sewer
projects in Patchogue and in Mastic near the Forge River.

Romaine and Pontieri issued a joint letter to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, thanking the Governor for his
leadership in providing funding for sewers to protect Long island’s groundwater and waterways and provide an
incentive for economic development. The two officials pointed out that while residents in Mastic and Babylon
approved a recent referendum for sewer projects in their communities, residents in Great River rejected a
similar plan for their area. Romaine and Pontieri wrote in their letter that the $26.4 million earmarked for Great
River could be reallocated to Patchogue and the Mastic project, expanding the environmental and economic
benefit for those areas. Pictured left to right are Patchogue Village Superintendent of Public Works Joe Dean;
Trustees Thomas Ferb and Joseph Keyes; Deputy Mayor Jack Krieger; Mayor Pontieri; Supervisor Romaine;
Deputy Supervisor, Councilmen Dan Panico and Councilman Neil Foley.

“An effective use of the $26.4 million in funds that were rejected by Great River voters would be to partially
fund Phase 3 of the Mastic/Forge River sewer project and to expand sewers in the Village of Patchogue. These
projects are already engineered. A site for a sewage treatment plant on Town of Brookhaven land is available
for the Forge River project. Patchogue has long had its own sewage treatment plant, and both the Mastic and
Patchogue communities (Mastic in a vote just this week), have shown their support for sewers,” they wrote in
the letter.

Supervisor Romaine said, “I commend the residents who voted overwhelmingly to fund Phase 1 and 2 of the
plan to sewer the Mastic Peninsula. But, we must look at the bigger picture to secure the money available that
will allow us to complete Phases 3 and 4 without over-burdening to the local taxpayers. I am confident that the
Governor, Mayor Pontieri and I share the same concerns about water quality and we all recognize Patchogue
Village as a model of how economic growth and protecting the environment can go hand-in-hand. This is a
game changer for the future of Mastic and the Forge river.”

Mayor Pontieri said, “Supervisor Romaine and I stand together in support of the reallocation of the sewer
funding. In the Village of Patchogue, we are currently in the planning stages to sewer over 500 homes located in
environmentally sensitive areas along the Patchogue River and Great South Bay. This will give us the
opportunity to sewer additional homes as well as move ahead with upgrades and future expansion of our sewer
plant. Local economic growth is tied directly into our sewer infrastructure and it is imperative that we continue
to make improvements to our system. I ask the Governor to consider our request, so we can move ahead with
these projects.”

Councilman Panico said, “Brookhaven and Patchogue have always shared a common vision for a cleaner
environment and vibrant economy. We are partners in this effort and value our strong relationship.”
Councilman Neil Foley said, “The Supervisor and Mayor have a history of cooperation to help make the Town
and Village better places to live. I am in full support of their request to the Governor and I expect that he will
give it serious consideration.”

County Legislator Sunderman said, “We are so happy the sewer referendum was successful. This will allow for
economic development in our area as well improve our environment. This was a once in a life time opportunity
and I am very excited to be part of this accomplishment. I’ve already requested to explore the connection of the
Mastic Beach Business District into phases 1 and 2 and have already requested grant funding for phases 3 and 4.
We are looking forward to the start of this project in 2020 and more to come in the future. It would be a great
opportunity to receive additional funding for our already designed project which was earmarked for use in
Suffolk County.

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