Brookhaven Saves Taxpayers $2.13 Million 36

On October 22nd, Supervisor Ed Romaine announced that the Town of Brookhaven has refinanced the 12 years of outstanding Principal for the 2009 Municipal Bond Bank Bonds and 2010 Recovery Zone Economic Development Bonds. The aggregate Principal amount of bonds that were refunded was $19,315,000, and the refinanced amount was reduced to $16,670,000 over the remaining life of the bonds. By refinancing and taking advantage of lower market interest rates, the Town was able to achieve $2,136,123 budgetary savings in Interest Costs until the final maturity of 2031. This represents a net present value savings of 10.16%.

The Town was paying approximately 3.4% in annual Interest Costs on the original bond issues, and the refinancing reduced the overall True Interest Cost to 1.39% annually. The Town’s existing credit rating of AAA from Standard & Poor’s, along with the recent upgrade to AAA from Moody’s Investor’s Services contributed to the overall low interest costs the Town received in the sale of the refunded bond.

Supervisor Romaine said, “The Town’s financial team has been extremely diligent in their efforts to save the Brookhaven tax payer millions of dollars. I am very proud of the direction that the Town is going in and expect that we will continue to maintain our strong financial position for many years to come.”

Councilwoman Jane Bonner, the Town Board liaison to the Finance Department said, “I commend everyone in the Department of Finance who work day-to-day to improve our financial stability. Brookhaven Town finances are getting stronger and the real winners are the taxpayers who can rest assured that we are doing the all that we can to protect their interests.”


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Town Demolishes “Super Storm Sandy” House 174

On November 12th, Councilman Neil Foley was on hand for the demolition of a “Super Storm Sandy” house at 2 South Breeze Drive in Patchogue. The house, located on property along the Great South Bay, experienced significant damage during the powerful storm that hit Long Island on October 29, 2012. Approximately 100,000 residences on Long Island were severely damaged, including 2,000 that were rendered uninhabitable. The demolition debris was later carted away and the property will be left in its natural state.

Councilman Foley said, “The south shore of Brookhaven was impacted hard by Super Storm Sandy and we are still recovering seven years after that catastrophic event. I thank the Town of Brookhaven Law Department for their efforts to finally rid the neighborhood of this eyesore.”

Bellport High School presents ‘The Game’s Afoot’ 26

The talented cast and crew of Ken Ludwig’s “The Game’s Afoot” drew a full house to Bellport High School’s Ebersole Auditorium on November 1st and 2nd.

Michael Marziliano as William Gillette and Emma Butler as Inspector Goring discussed the clues to a murder in “The Game’s Afoot.”

Under the direction of Susan Hartmann and producer Barbara Gallagher, the nine-member cast amused the audience with this witty whodunit murder mystery. At Christmastime in 1936, Broadway star William Gillette (Michael Marziliano), admired for playing Sherlock Holmes, invited cast members to his Connecticut castle for weekend revelry. When one of the guests, Daria Chase (AutumnMargaret Walthers), is found stabbed, Gillette took on the persona of his beloved character to track down the killer and to set Inspector Goring (Emma Butler) in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, everything that could go wrong does go wrong, as each of the guests, and “Holmes,” hide the clues and the body from the inspector.

Center, Michael Marziliano (William Gillete) and (right) Troy Sica (Felix Geisel) checked to see if AutumnMargaret Walthers (Daria Chase) is really dead in “The Game’s Afoot.”

The cast also included Jocelyn Marrero (Martha Gillette), Troy Sica (Felix Geisel), Keira Ballan (Madge Geisel), Aidan Gaynor (Simon Bright), Alexa Ferrara (Aggie Wheeler), and understudies Lexington Armann and Joseph Salerno. The success of the performances was also attributed to the nine-member crew, stage managers Juliana Lewkowski and Victoria Pennachio, Vivienne Love, James Gibney and Kieran Sawyer on lighting, Ryan Wilson and music director James Uzzi on sound, art chairperson Suzette Fandale on costumes, James Gibney on set construction, and Suzette Fandale and Barbara Gallagher on set design.

The South Country Central School District congratulates the students on their memorable performance.


Photos courtesy of the South Country Central School District



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