Beat The Post Holiday Blues 607

It’s the post-Christmas, post-Hanukkah, post-eating, post-celebrating time of year- the new year, the return to work and reality are upon us. Many of our brains respond with new found feelings of dread otherwise known as the post-holiday blues.

If you’re feeling overwhelmingly down now that the Holidays are over and you are back to work, keep reading.  Here’s what we know about the post-holiday blues and a few tips on how to get through them.

The big factor in post-holiday blues is that your brain must shift between contrasting emotional experiences. Its hard to shift from the highs of the holiday period to the lows in post-holiday weeks. The decorations, celebrations and social gatherings during the Holidays make our perception of the post-holiday period much more depressing and boring than it really is.

Fixing post-holiday blues is a matter of adjusting expectations and managing the symptoms. The new year is blank canvas with endless potential.  Think positive, get back in the moment. Stop looking back at the past and instead, combat the blues by packing your days full of exciting activities and new goals.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Set a Routine- A routine can help your physical and mental health get back to normal after the chaos of the holidays. Start by setting a wake-up time and a time to go to bed every single day and stick to it. Then add other important items into your daily schedule such as meals and workouts.
  • Take a Junk Food Fast- To hit the reset button, opt out of high-fat foods, processed foods, sugary snacks, and alcohol for the month of January and see how you feel. Chances are your mood will level off and things that bothered you won’t seem so bad.
  • De-Clutter and Give Things to Charity- Cleaning and de-cluttering can be therapeutic. You can create space for beauty and amazing possibilities. You can give to others by giving away things you no longer need. What is your vision for your life and how do your possessions fit in?
  • Make Money and Budget – Make more money. Start a second business. Find a safe place for your cash. Budget and track your spending to help better manage your money.
  • Volunteer- Doing well by doing good can make the other things in life seem more bearable. Tutor a student, help a neighbor.  Visit a local nursing home.  Just do something for someone else.
  • Learn-  Take a second language or learn a trade. Learning can shake things up in your mind and help head you in a new direction. Flood your head with knowledge instead of thoughts of anxiety and boredom.
  • Schedule People Time- Now is a great time to schedule time with friends you may not see often. You should look for ways to connect with others in person. Real connections work well to improve your overall mood.

Finally, remember, “This too shall pass”  your boredom, lowered energy and unhappiness will certainly give way to something new and exciting soon.


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Patchogue Welcomes Amulet Arts 395

We were thrilled to be a part of the Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Grand Opening Celebration for Amulet Arts on June 8th.  You can tell as soon as you walk through the door that details are important to owners Michael Cappel and Mandolynne Hopkins.  Every inch of the newly opened shop is designed to create an inspiring experience.  It is truly a unique and elegant boutique.  A family owned and operated shop, with more than 30 years in the industry, Amulet Arts offers piercing, jewelry installation services, microblading and fine jewelry.  Proud members of The Association of Professional Piercers, their staff offers the most current, hygienic and professional services to their clients.  They are one of the most highly credentialed and certified piercing/body art studios in New York State.

Although concerned at first about how they might be received, Mr. Cappel got emotional yesterday when asked about their experience opening in Patchogue.  “I have to tell you that Patchogue welcomed us with open arms, and I could not be more grateful to you guys”.

In addition to body art, Amulet Arts also has an amazing gallery where artists are able to showcase their work.  We met two local artists, Mary Searles (@calicoqueen) and Christie Jones (@swellanchor), who both had several pieces of their work on display. and were thrilled with the space and opportunity Amulet provided.  Make sure to check out their instagram accounts for more of their work.

Scroll down to see highlights from yesterdays event, and visit Amulet Arts at their website or Facebook.

Suffolk Strawberry Festivals 95

Early June is strawberry season on Long Island. This weekend and next you can get out and celebrate one of Long Islands sweetest crops.  Grab friends and family and head out to enjoy one (or both) of these great Strawberry Festivals.

Strawberry Fair at Benner’s Farm — East Setauket
56 Gnarled Hollow Road
THIS WEEKEND:  Saturday, June 8th and Sunday June 9th

Benner’s Farm is a private fifteen-acre family homestead, first farmed in the 1700’s.  Each year the farm provides thousands of people a sense of what it was like to live on a small farm in years past.  The Benner family has been farming organically since the late nineteen seventies and also raise a variety of farm animals for self-sufficient living. This weekend they will celebrate the strawberry by dipping them in chocolate, making them into ice cream, putting them on home-made Strawberry Shortcake, turning them into jam and eating them as they are!  Come out to enjoy wholesome family fun with old-fashioned games and live music.  They also have bunnies and chicks for the kiddies to hold, the big swing, craft and local vendors and a whole Farm to explore and discover!  The farm just announced that they have a new baby calf on the farm and now have three baby goats and a lamb to pet and feed.


Mattituck Lions Club Strawberry Festival — Mattituck
1175 Route 48
Thursday, June 13th through Sunday, June 16th

On Father’s Day weekend, the peak of the strawberry harvest, the Mattituck Lions Club brings the community together for a special weekend of fun and purpose. Whether you’re here year-round, are a seasonal resident or are drawn here by the Festival, you’re in for a wonderful time.  Dig into the strawberry shortcake, sample the strawberries dipped in chocolate, try the strawberries any way you like them. Head over to the rest tent to enjoy live music. Then find out what is available for sale from arts and craft vendors. Cheer as the new Strawberry Queen is crowned. Experience the midway rides. Taste foods from around the world. The fun keeps going after the sun sets, so bring lawn chairs and enjoy the fireworks on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Much of the Festival fun is free, thanks to the efforts of many volunteers. When you do spend, you help the Mattituck Lions advance their year-round community service efforts. Admission is $6 per person 5 and older. Pay-one-price ride tickets are available for purchase online. Dads are admitted FREE on Father’ Day when accompanied by a paid child.


No need to be sour if  you are not able to make any of these festivals,  here you can find a list of Farms and Stands where you can get out and pick your own or purchase local Strawberries throughout the season.  




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